Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We've been in the new house now for almost a week, and it's now almost as cluttered as the last one was............except that this is due to volumes of packed boxes that I won't have a chance to start working on until this weekend.

My goal is to have the old place "realtor-ready" by Friday. I've got two more days to make it happen.

I really thought John would have a rough time with the transition, but he's taking it all in stride - even his new big-boy bed. I set up the toddler bed with his old mattress and all his stuffed animals. We brought the crib over as a back-up, but of course it wouldn't fit into his room or ours without being disassembled, so I put it in the living room and decided to use it as a worse case scenario. The first night, I brought him home, and showed him that his highchair was here, as well as all his toys. He had a field day running around finding everything. When nite-nite time came, we went into his bedroom, I read to him for a bit, put him in his new bed and left. He squawked for about 5 minutes, and then all was quiet. He was fast asleep with his head on his new pillow. Other than one evening when he was overtired, it's pretty much been easier than that to get him to go to sleep in his new room on the new bed each night. I keep asking him if he likes his big-boy bed, and everytime, he nods yes.

Now to get the other place SOLD.

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