Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hi Di Ho!

Long time, no post. No new pics, I've have been entirely remiss on that front.

Just thought I'd give you the house latest and greatest (since I finally have something to report....)

We got word last week that the kitchen cabinets might arrive this week, and that we should probably consider finalizing appliances. We went Saturday (with John in tow, poor kid!), pretty much changed everything that we selected two months ago, and bought them. We were told that everything was in stock, and to just call and set delivery when needed.

Bill went to the house yesterday (the date of arrival), and viola! All of the upper cabinets are in! Yikes, the same day they were delivered! He talked to the kitchen contractor, who pretty much said, get the appliances here posthaste. Thank goodness, the salesman screwed up and charged 100% of the total on Saturday, rather than a deposit. He was going to re-do the purchase, but since I suspected that I would be completing the order in the same billing cycle, I told him just to leave it as-is. PIF'd, he said we could call and arrange delivery any time, without a return visit to sign for the balance. Talk about working out well!

I'm a little bummed about the flooring. All along, we had planned to have hardwoods installed in the kitchen, dining and hallways. When we went to pick them out, we must have looked and compared the cabinet door mock-up to 100 different shades of real flooring. NOTHING looked good. And I do mean NOTHING. The cabinets are maple, and stained with a nutmeg stain, with a pewter glaze. I never thunk it would be hard to match to natural flooring colors. We were left with the choice of: formica (not!), ceramic (never!), or laminate (which I hate!). Guess where we found the exact contrast? Laminate.

Here is a pic of the two we immediately narrowed the laminate field down to. We went with the selection on the right. While I actually like the left selection better in the sample, I just didn't like it in the LDH (long, dark hall). This is a bad visual as the cabinet doors we selected will not have any panels (unlike the sample door) , the granite chunk shown will actually be mainly beige with a huge brown area (that matches the cabinets) and blue chunk (ie: looks nothing like the sample, but the sample showcases the colors). The rooms aren't huge, and we want to keep this project open, not closed in. If you look closely enough (ie: my current cabinet doors), you will probably understand why I hate laminate.

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Tam said...

That is going to look nice! I keep looking and looking and I'm missing it. Why do you hate laminate so? I love mine. I actually covered the hardwood floor in my living room and dining room with it. With 3 dogs, I couldn't take the upkeep that is required of hardwood. Since we had sanded and stained the hardwood ourselves just to have it scratched within a couple of years, I couldn't stand the thought of doing it all over again, so laminate it is!