Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Already then, let's try this again.

Sorry, I meant to put this on here last night, but a sick, puking kid took precedence over my blog life. Go figure.

This is not nearly as creative or entertaining as what I tried to post the other night, the post that is still out there in cyberspace. The last year of sleep deprivation has completely anihlated (sp?) pretty much all of my short-term memory, and a good chunk of my long-term. I hope someday to regrow these brain cells. I don't care if they say that's not possible, I have every intention of doing it, and I'm pretty darn good at getting what I want.......

I want to be more creative. I need to be more creative. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and interestingly have found that blogging really, really helps. I look at stressful situations with a different eye, and try to find the humor in them rather than obsessing & stressing about them. I think about how to write about them, and sometimes I do - the anxiety goes away. Hmmm, the power of the pen keyboard. What does this mean? Well, as of now, Baby John's crib is changing. Not that it was ever here much in the first place, but my personality is going elsewhere. Baby John's Crib will be just that - a place to catch up on John and his new crib a.k.a. our new house. Effective immediately, I am banishing my personality to the CORNFIELD, a place to be my obnoxious, sometimes funny, self.

On a completely unrelated sidenote, in exactly two minutes from when I am currently typing this sentence, one year ago today, my phone rang. I checked caller ID, and it was area code 702. My heart started pounding, and I lost my breath. PINK! For those not familiar with Guatemalan adoptions, pink is the color of the form that the US embassy used to issue letting the adoptive parents know of their embassy appointment, which is technically the last step in the adoption process (until your child is home). We found out on a Tuesday night that we needed to leave for Guatemala the following Monday. The rest of that week was a blur............

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