Friday, November 9, 2007

Please consider this for your Christmas giving....

Bill & I plan on donating to this charity this year. In the past, we've always donated to a local soup kitchen, but this year will be splitting our donation between a local charity, and a charity in our son's birth country. Just $30 will provide a traditional Guatemalan Christmas dinner for a family of 12.....please read more......

This year we again would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor one or more Guatemalan families with a CHRISTMAS TAMALE FOOD BASKET. We have many families, mostly single, abandoned & widowed mothers, who simply cannot afford to provide the traditional Christmas celebration meal for their family. A tamale is a traditional indigenous food consisting of steam-cooked corn meal dough with or without a filling. Tamales can be filled with meats and sliced chilli's or any preparation according to taste. The tamale is generally wrapped in a corn husk or plantain leaves before cooking, and during Christmas holidays, tamales of rice flour are a special treat for Guatemalans. The preparation time of this type of tamale is long, due to the amount of time required to cook down and thicken the rice flour base.One food basket costs US$30 and will provide a Christmas Tamale celebration meal for a hungry and needy family of 12 or more.The food for the Christmas basket will include:A bottle of oil and 15 lbs of rice to make the tamalesa loaf of bread with which they eat the tamales at midnight, 5lbs of meat, 1lb of coffee, a block of drinking chocolate (a traditional drink taken at midnight) raisins for the tamales, grapes, tomatoes, apples and sugarleaves to wrap the tamales, cloves, pepper, sesame and pumpkin seeds.These are the requirements to make the midnight Christmas meal of Tamale.The plastic basket that holds all the food will also have many uses in the home such stacking and washing dishes, holding food or going to the market.We started this project last year because it was brought to my attention that two children that we sponsor to go to school had been very miserable. These two children from San Jorge had no food in the house on Christmas Eve, they were crying because they would not have the traditional Christmas tamales to eat at midnight along with the drinking chocolate. At midnight they went from house to house hoping someone would give them a tamale. It made me wonder how many other families could also not afford to celebrate Christmas, once we started looking into it, we realized there were a lot of families who would not be able to afford to buy the ingredients for their Christmas meal.So this year once again we are hoping to give out as many baskets as we can.Last year we were fortunate enough to buy, make up and distribute 215 baskets. We are happy to say that we already have 60 baskets sponsored for this year. However, we would like nothing more than to send out more baskets than in 2006.If you would like to sponsor one or more baskets for Christmas 2007, please choose the amount and click the 'Donate' button below. This will take you to our on-line payment service which will process your credit or debit card quickly and securely. If you wish to dedicate your donation to someone, please email us on, include your online transaction number and let us know the details of your donation. Alternatively, if you would like to send a check, please download and print this form. Once completed, please include this form with your check made payable to Mayan Families and mail to:MAYAN FAMILIES - 2609 Hartford St. San Diego, CA. U.S.A. 92110-2315. Already donated a basket or two? If so, I thank you sincerely for your donation and if you would like, I would be very grateful if you decide to forward this email to any of your friends and family who may also be interested in providing a needy family in Guatemala with a great Christmas Gift.Thank you so much for all your support. Everyone here at Mayan Families is grateful and proud to put your donation to effective use with our Christmas Tamale Basket program.Best wishes,Sharon and the Team at Mayan Families N.B. If you wish to donate more than 5 baskets, please email us directly on here is a link to pictures of families getting their baskets last year:

After learning of this, since we typically stay home on Christmas Eve, I think our little family will start to consider a traditional dinner of tamales as our Christmas Eve feast, as well as some hot chocolate before bedtime. I doubt we'll stay up until midnight to eat it, but I'd love to share a little bit of John's first culture with him during this special holiday.

Please consider this charity if your giving permits you to do so, it's so very worthwhile.

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