Saturday, November 3, 2007

Meeting John

This pic was of John, then known as Julio, in the first hour after meeting him. His foster mom had the red bracelet on him to ward off evil spirits. I felt good to know that she really did care about him, and not just for him.
The serious look. John's foster mom brought a bag of clothing for him in case we didn't bring any. While everything was immaculately clean, it all seemed so old and threadbare. We left a big bag of clothes for her to keep when we left.

Laughing at Grandma. Of the hundred or so pictures that I took, this is the only one that he is smiling in. Not because he didn't smile, a lot, but because my crappy camera had a ridiculous shutter lag. It was a Pentax Optio A10, which I bought new for the trip. I definetly can't give Pentax a recommendation! Grandma ended up with the Pentax.

Rooting for daddy's team! He must have brought them luck, because they won that day, one of the few times last year........John was 3 months and 3 days old in this photo. That outfit was a 6 month, and the pants were falling off him. By the time I retired it from his wardrobe last March, it was skin tight, and the pants were too short. I kept it for his memory box.

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Kristen and the Gang said...

Thanks for sharing those special memories and pics of John!!!