Saturday, October 20, 2007

The votes are in....

And there is now music. How long it will last, I don't know. I got sick of the Hampster Dance real quick, and pulled it off before the end of the poll. I will be doing some rearranging to the song order, and trying to intersperse (sp?) different music types/genre's better. I'm sure no one but me wants to hear 4 JP song's in a row.

Today's my anniversary! 8 years! This is the first year we didn't go out, or go away on vacation. I must say it's been a little weird, but life as we knew it has changed. In a good way, but definetely changed.

John is in daycare 5 days a week from 8-5. He's thriving, and we know it's a really good place for him, but neither Bill or I feel comfortable just up and going out and leaving him with a sitter quite yet. We've left him with my parents when they visited, but on 3/4 of those occasions, we didn't leave until John was asleep. While I trust all of the wonderful friends who have offered to babysit implicitly, I just don't think it fair to leave John with someone who is a stranger to him. Hence, we celebrated our anniversary with carry-out. Since it's also Sweetest Day (IMHO, a corny Hallmark holiday), the place was busy, and substituted the bleu cheese that was supposed to grace my steak with mushrooms...............mushrooms rank right up there with cream cheese in terms of disgustingness in my book. They are a fungus, which is gross. Yes, I realize bleu cheese consists of mold, another fungus, but at least it's not brown, and it is real cheese.

I'll be back tomorrow with sleeping baby pics. John is on a smile strike whenever the camera comes out, so I've been capturing the sweetness of sleeping baby :-)


Tam said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed it! Well, happy belated anniversary!

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