Sunday, September 9, 2007

Well, here's Pringle boy - he practically chewed a hole in the can before evil momma took it away. Isn't he cute?

I think he's saying - mom, I'll give you a smile if you give me back my can! He's getting so big, I can't believe how the time has flown. At least since 12-22, when he came home! From August to December, things dragged a bit (ok, a lot!).

For today's total bit of randomness, look what I caught on my front walk a couple of weeks ago? Isn't it gross? I thought it was a leaf, until it started moving. I'm not sure what it is, a slug? Some sort of snail? Then I noticed there was a bunch of them, but this one was huge. NOTE TO SELF: Never walk barefoot after dark on the sidewalks. Better yet, just never go outside after dark, now I'm scared I'm going to step on one, ugghhh!


Kristen and the Gang said...

John is just a doll and I just got such a kick out of the Pringles can pic...Bianca does the same thing with her bottom teeth to open things...and she gets everything open when she tries!!
Kristen aka NYKRISSY

Kelly said...

Slugs are NASTY , But the shoes are ADORABLE!!!SO Stylin'

Kelly said...

Slugs are NASTY, but the new skids are adorable !!!!

Debbie said...

The creature on the sidewalk is a slug. My first question would be, do you happen to live in the Great Northwest? We lived in Tacoma for several years and always had slugs crawling around our neighborhood.

Your little one is a cutie-pie.

Our Ohana said...

too cute! I love the pics with the pringles can. My little one would also enjoy that more than his toys.

Tina (aka Angelsmama)