Friday, August 17, 2007


You've found the home of Mr. Baby John, as well as his new "crib". Join our family as we report on who's most important, JOHN, as well as our new home as we attempt to make it livable.

John just turned one on the first. I will have photos to share soon, I need to get them developed........Unfortunately, I ordered a new camera, and gave mom my old one, right before John's birthday (can you say dumb?) The new camera arrived without a lens, so I had to get disposables to handle the birthday celebration. If you know me, then you already know it's been 17 days, and those camera's have not been taken in for developing.

I did get my new camera just in time for the house closing, which was yesterday. I attempted to take many shots today, most of them are blurry since I didn't bother reading the owners manual on how to operate this most amazing camera. Details, details.

Our new house was a foreclosure, so it's been empty for over a year, and not in the best of shape. Fortunately, it ended up appraising for a good amount more than we paid for it, even in its present condition, which gives us some leeway (spelling?) to fix it up.

You can see blurry pics at the top of the post - I haven't yet figured out how to get them in the middle.

Note to self.........make pics smaller than 10 mega pixels.........

Luckily our realtor told us about someone who would deal with the weeds for cheap. This would have been a deal at twice the price.

Blogging off for now, will be back later with more pics, including the afters. Can you say ugly wallpaper?

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